27 July 2007

Death Cat

I've always known that animals are smarter than humans. They run from danger, carefully pay attention to what they eat and just live to make us happy. But seriously, a cat that can detect when an old person is going to die??

As a gambling man, I mean, Oscar definitely has increased his odds by being a resident of a nursing home, but there has to be something more here. Maybe the cat sees the nurses playing with pillow cases prior to going into rooms? Okay, so I'm just being funny, but seriously, all the talk I've heard of is how they bring pets into the homes to help with recovery and with mobility. This is the weirdest twist on that theory I've ever heard.

If I was a resident there, I think I'd be pretty sure to keep a slingshot or something next to my bed so that the damn cat didn't curl up next to me for sure.

I've never been a big fan of cats. I'm a "dog guy" as most people know, and believe that cats are really just an irritant. Chalk this one up to yet another nail in the "Brian will never love cats" coffin.

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