27 September 2009

What bad economy?

Gas prices dropped to $2.399 today near my house.  To say it was a little "thick" with vehicles around the pumps today would be an understatement. 

Because I participate in the Speedy Rewards program, I also had a coupon for $0.50 off per gallon PLUS, if you used your Speedy Rewards card, you got $0.05 off (only on weekends in September).  So yes, I filled up for $1.849 today, and I was almost on fumes so 20 gallons to boot

Party like it's 2000, woo hoo!!!

The other week, the Federal Reserve was all but calling this "recession" to an end.  Wow, I remember when economic swings lasted for years, not "months".

So I'm wondering if the economy is following some sort of reverse version of a Moore's Law trend.  Do we continually recover from economic "dings" in double the amount of speed? (err, in half the time from the previous ding)

I'm still greatly concerned for our country.  You can't just blame Obama.  For the last 20 years we've slowly turned from a country that produced a huge portion of what we, and the world, consumed into one that mostly just consumes what other countries are providing. 

No amount of bail-out, financial support, or printing of cash is going to change that tide.  "Buy American" is a nice rally cry, but alas, what is there to buy anymore that IS American?  Yes, I know there are some things (frankly big ticket items like cars, Real Estate, and US tourism), but the everyday consumption has slowly eroded.

No matter which political party you support (and wouldn't it be nice if there were more than two??), you cannot feel comfortable with the course we're on.  Tax & Spend or Spend then Tax, they are both wrong.

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