01 February 2011

Snowprah 2011

Well, it HAS started and continues to amaze me.

The winds are unbelievable and I just took Wrigley, our 85 lb. golden out for a walk, if that's what you could call it. First, the wind just takes your breath away. The snow felt like needles slicing through my face.

We are also having what they are calling "thundersnow" which means we're also having lightening and thunder along with all the fun.

What I can't do is estimate how many inches are down. I'm watching the news and they have totals of anywhere from 8-12" right now. What the hell are they using to measure? The sidewalk leading to our front door has zero inches thanks to 50 mph wind gusts. The end of our driveway looks like it has 8" or so.

So I still don't know what to make of this. I can definitively say that any thoughts I had about making 3-4 attempts to snowblow the driveway to keep up with the accumulation are gone. It would be an epic waste of gasoline.

So it means I can rest easily tonight and just wake up in the morning to assess the situation. Don't get me wrong, it's potentially deadly out there. No visibility at all, brutal wind gusts, and really messy roads.


  1. Anonymous10:34 PM CST

    I just came back from taking Ernie out and you're right, you can't even face into the wind. There's a butt-high drift outside my door and the sliding glass doors are bulging at the wind. I face the northeast on the lake and there's nothing to break the wind. Stay safe, my friend!


  2. I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma and they are charging people for their cars being left behind. I fortunately prepared and got everything I needed before the storm. I have been indoors since Monday. Truck drivers that are stuck here are pissed because the city did not work on the roads at all during the storm. So here we all are stuck with 20 inches of snow and the city charging people but not wanting to do their jobs. I mean come on people need work everywhere. I just dont understand why they cant hire people to work on the roads.
    My husband got out yesterday and he said that peoples cars that where stranded all the windows were busted out in almost all of them.