11 February 2012

Hotdog, Hotdog, Hot Diggity Dog

Only a few days left until we leave for Florida and little Mister's FIRST ever, Walt Disney World experience.  If you don't know, we've held off on telling him we're ACTUALLY going because, as anyone who has ever had a 4-year old can tell you, if you tell the little monkeys more than 1 day before you're actually going, you'll be asked 4,293 times a day if tomorrow is the day we go.

So last night at dinner (he chose Eddie's Pizza because he loves it and since he took his nap at school AND got his stamp for being good, it was his choice; hey, the kid's got taste) we asked him what he would like to do in Florida.

When he let out with a "Go to Mickey's House" comment, I almost put a brown stripe in the back of my pants.  Is the kid psychic or does he just overhear too much for his own good?  Yeah, probably the latter.

We asked him what he thought Mickey's House might look like, what might be there.  He thought it was mostly like the MM Clubhouse on TV and that there is a Castle like at the beginning of all the movies (Cinderella's castle with the fireworks shooting) and that's pretty good because that IS pretty much like it is but with a couple hundred thousand other people who get in your way and annoy you while standing in lines and, oh yeah, wayyyyyyy over priced food, drink and souvenirs but that's not the point.

I gave him some grief and said, "Well, we WILL be driving BY Mickey's House so maybe you'll be able to see it from the highway and wave at him, but we need to get to Nana and Papa's House".

He seemed content with that but MK asked him if he thought Mickey's Hizzouse had rides like roller-coasters and he said, "Yeah, but I don't want to go on the ones that go upside down."  I love how he's already assumed he's going on ANYTHING at Disney since we didn't confirm we were going but it once again cemented in my head that he really IS my child in that, I puke on any roller coaster that goes anywhere more than 90° vertical.

He's been so excited about going to Florida that his behavior has been on it's OWN roller-coaster as of late.

One day he's absolutely the drunk at the end of the bar, harassing everyone coming through the door, but because he's the son of the owner, no one calls the Police, and the next day he's Zac Efron/Justin Bieber cute and can do no wrong.  (For the record, I'd call the Police on Zac/Justin just because they are results of the machine and Satan's Spawn and will end up AS the drunk at the end of the bar someday, but that's not what I was going for in my original statement)

But because of the behavior swings, we've really had to dangle some freakishly huge, State Fair-sized carrots in front of him and for the most part, it's working.  The bad news is, of course, that we've burned one more trick-in-our-bag that he'll be hip to from this point forward.  But he seems to be on the right path and that's good.

We decided awhile ago that with the long car ride, there's going to be a predictable meltdown somewhere in North Georgia and THAT'S when we tell him we're going to Disney just for our own sanity.

But that's about it for now, the excitement builds.  But we need to get through the weekend first.

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  1. Anonymous12:39 PM CST

    Enjoy the trip. Everyone deserves a vacation.