03 April 2013

Chicago Fire: On Location at Lottie's Pub

So Lottie's Pub in Chicago is the place they use for the bar that Mouch, Hermann and Dawson buy on Chicago Fire and call Molly's.

My Dad grew up in that neighborhood (lived in the 1800 block of Winchester) in the 50's and has told me a few stories about Walter "Lottie" Zagorski.
Most people don't know that she was actually a six-foot transvestite (some say hermaphrodite) whose basement of the bar was solely there for the mobsters and gangster of the late 20's, 30's and 40's and then dirty politicians from the 40's onward.  This link takes you to a bit more of the history and story of Lottie's.

But my Dad's recollections of Lottie was her running down Winchester in a flowered muu-muu and heels, lit cigarette in hand, after her little tiny dog, cussing up a blue streak to get back to her in a very deep manly voice. My Dad said that it was a true sight to see and that he learned quite a few words in those days as well as learning what a transvestite was.

In the 90's I went to Lottie's for my one and only time to see the band of a co-worker. It was in that very basement where all the gambling and numbers running took place. It was only a 7' ceiling so the sound was horrible and the cigarette smoke just hung there choking you out.  It was a hipster bar before hipsters even became a 'thing'. 

Now it will be one of those places that people come to Chicago to see because it's on t.v.

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