25 September 2007

Freedom's just another word

I really do believe that the Founding Fathers of the United States of America are spinning so fast in their graves that they could tunnel through to China.

The ever-increasing efforts of censorship in the US are reaching new heights every single day and the people who are supposed to protect the freedom to speak seem to be caving into to supposed "majority" voices.

Look, I think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is an ass. He was part of the group of terrorists who took our hostages in 1979 in Iran and I will forever hold him responsible for those actions. But boycotting Columbia University for taking the opportunity, when he was going to be in NYC anyway, to allow him to speak is ridiculous.

We are supposedly a country of ideas and of free speech. To claim that free speech is only for Americans is ridiculous. It is for us and if we're true Americans we extend that right to anyone we engage in conversation. Voltaire's quote that "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it" was said BEFORE the Constitution was written so the "free speech" ideology has existed even before we were our own sovereign country.

I think what happened yesterday was EXACTLY what should happen. He stood up, answered questions with preposterous self-deluded answers and was laughed at by the supposed "liberal students and administration" of Columbia. This reminds me of a phrase that my Father used a lot to me when I was younger. "I used to think you were stupid, but then you opened your mouth and removed all doubt".

Mahmoud was seen for exactly what he is. A delusional dictator who touts the company line in the face of objection. This is someone who supposedly understands the west, but is so ingrained into the ways of the Middle East that he can only see things one way, the closed minded, religiously driven way.

So if the protesters, Fox News Channel and all of the other minority noise-makers had their way we would have never seen this leader of a dangerous nation without his clothes on.

Everyone should just calm down and allow people to speak. We've become a society of Jerry Springer shows where you have to "shout down" the opposition as a way of "winning". Often, if you just shut your own mouth and allow stupidity to reveal itself to you, its even BETTER than shouting them down.

That's what Freedom of Speech is supposed to be. Allowing someone to say their piece, and your equal opportunity to protest it, ignore it, debunk it, or just leave it alone and stand on its own two frail feet.

Check it out if you care about our ever decreasing right to speak our minds.

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