24 September 2007

Is the Rex Grossman experiment done?

So after last night's performance, Lovie Smith, still the general said that "Rex is still our QB" to the media about 2,000 times. What I can't figure out is if it's because he's decided to live and die by this kid, or if he's been told to say this from the penny pinching management of the Bears?

Now, I realize that the Bears made it to the playoffs and the Superbowl last year with Rex starting every game, but last season included just as horrible performances, however they seem to have been spread out a bit more than they have been already this year.

You just don't see any fire in his eyes when they show him on t.v. When things start to go poorly, they show him on the screen and he just looks like he's dreaming of being anywhere but right there on the field with the greatest football team in the world (my opinion). His passing choices (those that Ron Turner gives him) turn into adventures and against any defense worth its salt, are batted down or intercepted.

Next week brings the first NFL Norris Division contest of the year with the equally as bad Lions (although they are 2-1). If we can't get our poop together for this one, a change MUST ABSOLUTELY be made in the ship's captain position. With the Packers 3-0 and a 2 game comfy lead over the Bears, we either sheep or get off the pot!

Rex came off the field at one point last night to the chants of Griese!. He knows that the hangman's gallows await if it doesn't get better. Let's see how much of a competitor he is. We have back to back road, division games, followed by a return home against the Viqueens. We could be fighting the Pack for the lead, or basically done for the year by October 14th. It sure would be nice to be leading the Pack!

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