04 March 2008

My little boy's first day at school

Yesterday was Aidan's first day at school. He actually goes to a school, not daycare. If yesterday was any indication of what The Goddard School will do for him on a daily basis, than I'm incredibly impressed. I guess looking back at it, if I didn't believe that this was the place for Aidan almost a year ago when we signed him up for it, than I would be an idiot.

It was a bit nerve-racking to drop him off. After 13 weeks of being solely in our care, we are now entrusting his well-being to strangers.

So when I picked him up, he gave me a big smile which made me feel great. He played "ball" during the day which means that they rolled the ball on the floor and he followed it with his eyes. He did very well.

I can't wait to see what he did today. I really wish they had webcams up in the rooms, that'd be great, but I'd probably lose my job because I'd spend all of my time watching him grow.

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