04 March 2009

C'mon Matt Lauer....wha' happened??

On the way out the door Tuesday morning, I stopped by the tv just long enough to see Matt Lauer butcher an interview with the stunningly beautiful Gabrielle Anwar, who plays Fiona ("Fee") on Burn Notice (Thursday nights, USA Network).

He flat out admitted he didn't watch the show and then spent most of the interview talking about her tango with Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman and talking to her about how she can do an American accent (which she DOESN'T HAVE on show)!!

The producers didn't help by playing clips of Scent (TWICE) and Burn Notice while the interview was going on.

Look, I realize that she was only on there to promo the season finale this Thursday, but it IS the second season and they moved it from just running in the summer to battle against the big boys and it's holding it's own (and will continue to).

Fiona wouldn't have taken that crap from anyone on the show. Matt should be lucky she wasn't packing heat.

Here's the Today Show Butcher in action.

[[nbc deleted the video]]

If you haven't seen Burn Notice, I think most episodes are on iTunes, Netflix, or somewhere and they will run "marathons" on USA Network too (I think they are this Thursday leading up to the finale)

The huge following of the show comes from a hot Gabrielle Anwar (for the boys), a hot Jeffrey Donovan (for the girls) and for anyone who has ever loved cult-classics and Sam Raimi vehicles, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Xena, Hercules, Brisco County, Jr., etc.). Oh yeah and throw in a chain-smoking, guilt-tripping Sharon Gless, Cagney of &Lacey fame to round out the cast who are set in Miami/South Beach.

Check it out as it's one of MK's & my favorite shows.

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