29 March 2009

No matter how simple & easy, it's still scary

About 10 hours from now, Aidan will be going into outpatient surgery to get tubes put into his ears.

No matter how many times people have told us that this is an easy procedure, only takes 10 minutes, is manna from heaven, there's just something unsettling about having your almost 16 month old go into a medical procedure where there's anesthesia.

We know he's a fighter and a happy kid, but it's going to be very weird to see him all knocked out like that. It's not like sleeping, it's more like a passed out and in someone else's hands helpless feel.

I'm sure everything will go well. Everyone says this doctor has literally done thousands of them and that he's one of the best in our area. We felt very comfortable with he and his staff on our initial visit and then with Aidan's hearing test.

His pre-op physical went without incident and we've kept him out of the line of fire of daycare sickness for the last week.

Sure, I don't post on Duey's Brain for three weeks and then I lay this heavy load on you, but work has been a bit frenetic for the last month or so and it's kept me extremely busy.

I'll have plenty to say in the coming weeks especially as we head off on two weeks of vacation in Europe with the little guy.

So here's a little cyber-prayer for Aidan for tomorrow. This is the best thing for him and will make a world of difference.

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