18 April 2009

...and so it begins

Today is the best and worst day of vacation.

Excitement fills our hearts as we ready for heading to the airport, having Aidan just wave at the TSA gang and then off to Barcelona, but at the same time, 11 total hours on planes, 3 to JFK and then 8 to BCN.

We are loaded for bear with closed, sealed packs of snacks for Aidan and I'm burning some Handy Manny's and Mickey Mouse Clubs to DVD as back-up.

I've made the decision to bring my computer (not the work one) for a few reasons. Mostly to frequently dump and save our pictures (3 cameras, 2 video cams going) and although _I_ have more GB than I need, my two strong women may not and I couldn't bear having them run out while shooting something they want to savor.

It's going to be an absolute blast watching my own parents on their very first ever steps on European soil as well as how many things Aidan wants to touch since he's a very tactile child.

Man, this is so damn cool. We're very fortunate and blessed.

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