15 April 2009

Preparing for a Cruise

So several people I know, go on drastic diets prior to going on a cruise. The plentiful amount of food and drink and the debaucherous behaviors that one can get away with cannot be avoided.

My parents have been trying to lose weight knowing that the quantity of quality of food will be tempting and it becomes fruitless to refuse.

Here's what I've done prior to the cruise:

I bought a bunch of shirts that are a size larger. Not only have I received several compliments over the last week asking if I've lost weight, but I'm prepared for when I do gain weight on the cruise so that my belly doesn't hang out from the shirts when I return.

Sure, it's not the healthiest of behaviors, but I'm not torturing myself prior to vacation AND I'm getting wonderful compliments. Nothing like an ego boost, eh?

I can't wait for the midnight buffet and the pizza bar. (nods to Neil Sutherland)

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