17 October 2009

Damn, Heroes Jumped the Shark

Well, they did lose me last season, but Heroes on NBC jumped the shark.

Claire (hero who can immediately heal herself) has violated her Dad's ("HRG", Horn-rimmed glasses) wishes and taken on a friend AND divulged her "secret power".

The friend is enamored with Claire and is starting to show up every place Claire goes and OF COURSE they just had to kiss.

So the character that every nerd/geek/ComicCon attendee lusts after but would never have a chance with in a million years, kissed another girl (but did she like it? ...katy perry)

Most jumping the shark moments come with the addition of a dorky new family member or a move of the entire cast to a new city.  But with Heroes, well, they exist globally to begin with so they really only had a few options here and with ratings falling off miserably, they went with the girl-on-girl action to whip everyone's pocket protector into a frenzy.

And NBC knows this was hack because they've even posted THIS on their website which gives you EVERY camera angle of the kiss!!  Seriously.

It's a shame really because it was a good show and now, well, they're reaching to try to stay relevant.   **click** that was me punching new channel buttons on my remote.

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