17 October 2009


Easing into our new office building is almost like dating a new girl.  Every day is a new adventure, there's plenty of nooks & crannies to investigate and some days you just get slapped in the face because of something you say.

As I was leaving on Tuesday, I got into the elevator that goes to the underground parking structure and hit P2 (bottom floor).  As I did, a woman told me that I should have hit it with my pinky finger or with my jacket as "that whole thing is just full of people's germs".

In the 20 seconds our trip took she continued to school me on how we all need to do our share, blah blah blah...

Since we're still in the early stages of this new building "relationship" I bit my tongue and just nicely told her to have a good evening, but what I really wanted to respond with (and I DID..in my head) would have gone something like this...

"Lady, I've touched a butt-load of elevator buttons in my 43 years on this Earth and I'm still standing here next to you.  The days of the bubonic plague are over, there's this stuff called medicine that really does an amazing job of curing what ails you.  If you want to go around living your life in fear, feel free, but don't bother trying to 'save' me, I'm doing pretty well."

Look, I totally understand that the H1N1 is out there and that this stuff is serious, but I think the entertainews that we are all fed on a daily basis really has been blowing this stuff up into a plague that is never going to come.

The rules for germs haven't changed in hundreds of years and we've gotten much smarter about them.  Wash your hands WELL, take precautions around others who are sick, eat well, and if you're feeling horrible, call your doctor or seek other medical attention.

Phew, got that off my chest.  Hey, what's that rash next to my belly button?

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