22 September 2010

Back in the New York Groove

Empire State Bldg viewed from Madison Square Park
Well, it's NOT been "many years since I was here" since I was here in February, but definitely "to the left and to the right, buildings towering to the sky". (ht to KISS)

I'm in NYC on business and before I came my curiosity was piqued on why my hotel room was $500 a night.  I even updated my FB status on the day I booked expressing my outrage but I knew when I booked that hotel rooms were very limited.  Until I landed here, I had no reason why even joking that since I was a week late for Fashion Week (cuz I gots no sense in dose matters) it surely had nothing to do with that.

Ahhh, the UN is in session!!  Yep, international diplomats with their Cadillac Escalades, NYPD escorts and loaded with knowledge that if they kill someone, they can leave our country without spending a minute in prison.  This morning I awake to find out that President Obama will be coming into town tonight both for a UN session and for a fundraiser.  So add to the Escalades, a few more fully-leaded limousines and a whole bunch of guys with their hands to their ears.

This IS what makes NYC the center of democracy and business!!

Last night while I was walking home from dinner with some of my co-workers I looked up between some buildings and saw that it was a full moon as well.  Perfect.  In spite of the wackiness going on in the city over near 44th and 1st things seem normal.

There are two really beautiful churches around the corner of 5th and 29th and I've walked by them for two consecutive nights, stopping to really take them in.  I'm not a very religious person anymore but I do believe in some higher spirit and power.

First is Marble Collegiate Reformed Church, which is where Norman Vincent Peale was a minister for a very long time.  In fact 29th there is called the Honorary Norman Vincent Peale Way.  You're immediately struck by the very well lit stained glass above the main entrance and how bright it shines at night.  It's intentional but it sure does make you stop, especially when it's butted up against a huge building right next door.  Also, last night I finally went right up to the wrought-iron fence and looked at the yellow ribbons that were tied on.  They commemorate all American victims of the Iraq War, which did give a moment of chill to the spine.  Thanks to Google and Wikipedia I've learned that both Liza Minelli and Lucille Ball were married there (in one of their many marriages between them).  Here's a nice shot of it thanks to Google Images.

The second church is literally right around the corner on 29th (b/w 5th and Madison) and is the Church of the Transfiguration, aka Little Church Around the Corner paying homage to the fact that, well, there's the one above which probably gets more visitors and famous people.  It's quaint and set back off the street almost as if there's a small garden in front of it. I would imagine back in the mid 1800's, it fit right in, but now with all the massive steel and cement, it's like this little refuge of peace.  Looks like it took favor with actors and artists back then too as other churches refused to allow them in.  Heck, if Jack McCoy from TV's Law & Order can get married there in real life, then it's gotta be a nice place too.  However, thanks to the Internets, I have now found out why its very garden-like.  There is a small burial ground on site which has about 60 people there, a fair amount of them actors/artists.  As recently as 2006 someone was entombed.  Okay here's a few pix (again not taken by me as it's nighttime when I'm walking by and cellphones only do a fair job.
So that's about it for now from NYC.  I really wanted to go to a restaurant called Hill Country because it looks like they literally move up here from Austin, Texas to do 'que right but I was over-ruled.  So much for my pull between my co-workers.  I bet if any of my Austin friends where here, it would have been a full-on fight to go there and see if they've captured the true Texas Hill Country flavor.  They have live music from Tue-Sat so they got that part right!!  There's always next time!

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