18 February 2013

I Ran (So Far Away) - Flock of Seagulls

Okay, second post from the Oy! High School Years and because I was on vacation, didn't post one last week.

C'mon 40-somethings, you know you all loved this damn song!  If you say you didn't you're a damn liar!

As mentioned in my Big Country post, the 80s were the launch of MTV and the influx of everything not American and very funky looking was attractive.  We all heard it at every sock hop and turn-about dance we attended.

Flock of Seagulls was just something we weren't all exposed to.  The look, the hair, the big glasses, the full-on synthesizer music... we ate it up and yelled out the lyrics when they hit the chorus.

But probably what Flock are most known for is the hairstyle which, when you take a good look at it, looks like Donald Trump got caught in a Hurricane force wind storm.  They didn't exhibit this during the I Ran video but on their other big hit, "Space Age Love Song".

I never had the guts to try it.  I had the typical part down the middle, hair feathered back on the sides look during this time.  I'm not sure Mr. Brown (dean of students) or any of the good Benedictine Brothers, Priests and Nuns would have allowed it in the doors of good ol' Benet Academy if I had even tried.  Maybe as long as I had my tie on straight they would have?

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