18 February 2013

In a Big Country - Big Country

Oy!  The High School Years.

Well, although I mostly tended towards hard rock, metal, classic rock during High School there was a time when, gasp, MTV and Friday Night Videos took a prominent place on my weekends.

Combine the fact that we could now see the artists performing along with the influx if much needed imported video with my oft-cited attraction to unique sounds et voila, Big Country, one of the biggest bands to come out of Scotland during that time other than The Signals ;-p (inside reference to someone who will know what it means)

The unique guitar sounds, often which were made to sound like bagpipes playing were constructed by lead guitarist and lead writer for the band, Stuart Adamson.  The songs were fun, invoked references to their love of their homeland and transported me to 80's Scotland as I would read the liner notes to their first albums.

The video below is from roughly their last performance with Stuart at the helm.  There may have been one or two performances after this but a year and a half later, he was found dead in a hotel in Hawaii having committed suicide.

I couldn't find the 'official' video that played in heavy rotation on MTV during that time but if I do ever find it, I'll post it.  It just made you want to get to the UK, which I did some 14 years later.

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