25 November 2008

Allergy, is such a lonely word

Yesterday we took Aidan to an Allergy & Asthma specialist.

I'll say it again, but he's a real trooper. Originally they told us to prepare for 2 1/2 hours of tests (ugh) so we packed up a few toys, change of diapers, some food and headed out for the best.

We arrived to a room packed full of kids. How is it that schools now close the entire week of Thanksgiving? I do NOT remember that happening when I was little. Anyway, we checked in and sat for awhile. Aidan is hilarious in that he really gets a kick out of watching other kids. He just observes them to see what they are doing and smiles and waves at them.

We were called in and met with Dr. Abraham and he explained that the first test is a 'scratch' test where they basically lightly scratch his skin and put 16 different samples on his back. Then we have to wait 15 minutes to see if there's a reaction to any of them. Aidan was pretty good, he didn't flinch one bit and just sort of sat there. We played for awhile as it's important for no one to touch or scratch the samples.

He had a reaction to about 6 or 7 of them and I think that had me worried as well, that's a sign that there was a reaction. After the nurse consulted with the Doctor, he only wanted to further test for 3 specific allergans. This test also lasts 15 minutes but is a tiny shot just under the skin and on the arm. Again, if there's a reaction then maybe there's some additional tests. He took those shots and never flinched ONCE!! He's really an amazing kid.

He had no reaction to those three and the nurse said that we were all done (so much for the 2.5 hours??) and that the Doctor would be in shortly to talk to us.

So it ends up that he's allergic (mildly) to Ragweed, Bermuda grass (so much for his golf game), Box elder trees (??) and, sad to say for several of our friends, cats! (sorry Val, Romy, Donna & Bill, and MB). He's going to be on a mild course of Singulair which is only a preventative and we'll have to watch him the rest of his youthful years. It's possible to grow out of these, but one never knows.

The biggest thing we were worried about though was allergies to dogs. He loves Wrigley with all of his might and they have quickly become the best of friends in their short lives. If we had to get rid of Wrigley, well, that would be a serious downer in the household, but one we'd have to make the decision on for the health of our little guy.

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