23 November 2008

Cheap gas again

I filled up for $1.349/gallon tonight. No, I'm not in Saudi Arabia at the moment, but I AM the proud holder of a Speedy Rewards card for a regional gas chain in the midwest called Speedway. Let me explain.

You get Speedy points for every gallon you buy at Speedway but, and this is where it adds up, you also get 40 points a dollar if you use the Chase Platinum Speedway Master Card, which I have. So this past summer when I was pumping $65 at a fill-up, the points were cranking and adding up.

One of the rewards you can cash out points on is $0.50 off per gallon up to 25 gallons. It takes 8750 points. I'm currently up around 125,000 points. Additionally, if you use the Chase PSMC you get automatic $0.05 off per gallon up to 20 gallons. So $0.55 off tonight from the "list price" of $1.899/gallon.

I can't believe I filled up for $26 tonight (20 full gallons). Even without the discounts the current price is pretty sweet.

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