22 November 2008

The pressure of the FIRST Birthday

I don't know. In 1967, it had to be the easiest damn thing in the world. Your kid was turning one, you had over the families, Mom made the main course, the Grandma's brought the sides and there was "the cake". Such was my first birthday, celebrated at 1133 N. Massasoit Ave.

Nowadays it's like you have to plan the biggest damn fiesta in the world AND have "gift bags" for the guests to take home. I've had people ask me if we're having the big bouncy things or clowns or if it's being professionally catered.

So for at least year ONE, we're just keeping it simple stupid. Inviting family and some close friends, who admittedly, we need to spend more time with in 2009. Portillo's beef, Brown's chicken, a few sides from the Grandma's and we'll get the macked out cake, cuz we love cake in this household.

I guess moving forward, we'll just have to see. With his birthday being in December, there's likely never going to be big bouncy things in my backyard but we'll just have to do that stuff outside of the house. It's going to be a lot of fun and it's the people you're with that truly make it a special event. What IS going to be a little odd is that I'm just not used to parties going from 2:30 to 7:30 or so. But I'm sure after Mr. Aidan gets his butt off to sleep there'll still be a few adult cocktails to be had.

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