13 June 2009

Thin the herd - Digital Transition of TV

When last blogging about this issue, I had THOUGHT the move by the current administration to move the date had failed but of course, it didn't.

So, about 12 hours ago, the analog signals were cut and those who have done nothing are not getting their "programs" and probably are screaming bloody murder, banging on the sides of their sets, blaming Obama and calling the TV stations to complain.

I just read this article and only have this to say to Patricia Bruchalski who, by her own words "When you're alone like me, that's my partner." If you depend on this SO much and you supposedly call it your "partner", are you THAT dense that you've ignored the PSAs that have been running for oh, TWO YEARS?!! Almost once a week for the last 5 months, the NEWS has been running tests so that you know whether or not you'll be affected.

It's nice that someone, once again, probably bailed you out, but seriously, how much money was spent on the last 2.5-5.0% (according to Nielsen) of the public? Unfortunately our government runs on the same mentality when it comes to social programs most of the time.

I realize that Patricia is 82 and that we should treat our elders nice, but at some point, there's a point of diminishing returns and money needs to stop being spent to support the group that's left.

We make these judgments all the time in my line of work. If it's going to cost 200x the amount of a normal interview to get the last 2 people then we just stop hemorrhaging the money and call it a day.

Thin the herd and move on!

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