23 June 2009

John & Kate + 8 + 2 attorneys + child support + psychiatrists

I don't even watch this program, but unfortunately no one can escape the endless fascination by "news" channels covering the "big announcement" last night.

Look, these people will have to live in the hell that they created on their own, so who am I to add in my 2 cents? I'm Duey's Brain, that's the hell who!

But Kate, if it truly IS all about the kids, then you should realize that the real problem isn't your spineless husband, it's your obsession with being on TV and being a "celebrity" (in only the true fashion that Patty Blagojevich is finding herself in). Tell TLC to go piss up a rope and leave you house/life immediately and work on your marriage. That simple act would show more about how much you truly care for your kids than anything else you can do.

The problems between you and John likely would have existed if the cameras WEREN'T there, but they've only increased the attention and pressure on them and made them more difficult. THAT'S the real problem here. Why don't YOU grow a set and give up the "fame" to keep your family together?

And John, you grow a set and act like a man!

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