20 July 2009

Healthy Choices? yeah, um, not!

Too funny.

First of all, back in the 90's I worked on the market research project that tracked the launch of Lunchables by Oscar Mayer (now Kraft-Oscar Mayer) and I remember even then, the concerns by survey respondents over the health quality of processed lunch meats and cheeses being given to the "kids". Of course, these things exploded and a successful, long-term line of products was born.

So today I found myself confronted with choosing either the Basics Ham & Swiss w/Ritz regular crackers OR the Basics Turkey & Cheddar w/Ritz wheat crackers.

Given my culinary debauchery over the last four days (see my Facebook or Yelp! reviews for the artery clogging folly that yours truly endulged in), I chose the Turkey, Cheddar and Wheat. The person standing next to me choose the Ham, Swiss & regular.

Just for my own edification, I asked to see the Nutrition Facts and oh gee, there's virtually no difference. In fact, as a Market Researcher, there's no statistically significant difference at probably a 99% confidence level!!!

But hey, the package is 100% recyclable, so I got THAT going for me, which is nice.

At least I didn't drive the Wienermobile into a house last week!!

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