30 July 2009

UPDATED: Response from Wrigley about previous post

As I mentioned in my last post, I contacted Levy Restaurant Group about what I heard at the last Cubs game we went to.

Today, I received a very nice call from a young lady in Wrigley's HR department who told me that Levy had forwarded it on, that she read my blog post, that certainly they were not happy with hearing about it and not what they wanted at Wrigley.

I let her know that although I wasn't of that religion, I didn't know about the folks who he said it to, but that it just wasn't something we needed to be hearing at Wrigley.

She said that they'd be taking care of it.

Now, I don't know what that means and given that I believe the beer guys are members of the SEIU, not sure if anything other than a reprimand or mandated days off will come of it. But I hope Richard appreciates that we will NOT "all get along" until everyone stops with racist or anti-semitic comments and behaviors.

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