24 August 2009

Did you hear Brett Favre is back??

I know I promised this over a week ago, but alas, it took a long time to go through all of the quality humor that this country puts out.

Here's a list of great Tweets about the Purple-helmeted warrior, Brett Favre with all credits, misspellings & horrible grammar. Enjoy:

@SteveDahlShow: I was kind of hoping that Brett Favre would just stay home and podcast.

@ttep: Which Twin Cities school will soon be named Brett Favre Elementary?

@dtmb: Brett Favre is like a sunburn--you're convinced in won't happen, then it does and it hurts to watch, then afterwards it flakes.

@MarkMoheInitzky: Brett Favre is like that turd that won't flush...

@nawlinsboy: I wish Sarah Palin would explain to Brett Favre what the word 'quit' is suppose to mean.

@audra_mae: Brett Favre can suck my (euphemism for male appendage). That is if i had one.

@cjbbush: is amused how angry all her friends in Wisconsin are over the Brett Favre news...

@dxna: Brett Favre is hellbent on changing his legacy from incredible NFL QB to over the hill athlete who can't walk away

@Africanlegn: Brett Favre loves to play football and y'all are haters. U shud call 1800 IMA HATER and register! Favre has returned more times that Christ!

@caitercat: Know when to say when...This means YOU, Brett Favre.

@BurnsEnt: Wow, Brett Favre is back. Next thing someone will say is that there is a crisis in the Middle East.....

@sportsguy33: BREAKING NEWS: John Madden hears Brett Favre is coming back and says "holy turducken I've gotta come back too!" (Jk but....)

@redwristband: Wishing I had 5 bucks for every Brett Favre post on twitter and facebook this week...I could retire rich...smile

@klarize: Wtf?! brett favre is like a zit that never goes away faaaaaack

@Scott217: On today's 'How can we miss you if you don't go away' page, Mr. Brett Favre (headed to MN) Sheesh.

@Marshall_Evans: Brett Favre, please retire! You're tainting my memory of you. Although I'm sure Michael Jordan appreciates it.

@joshuaduboff: This just in, he hasn't even played a down yet but Brett Favre has already been credited with an interception.

@pi8you: officially dubs Brett Favre as HE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED. Next up, Brett Favre: Cthulhu spawn?

@clairemdickman: pssh brett favre ...

@jamesebriggs: Brett Favre unretires again, returns to NFL. Related announcement coming soon from John Madden, who just rediscovered his reason for living.

@steveohville: i like my news consolidated, so i'm hoping Brett Favre goes on a dog killing spree while hopped up on steroids and debating healthcare.

@duckofalltrades: When I retire, I'm going out Brett Favre style. No I'm not. Yes I am. No I'm not. Yes I am. No I'm not. Yes I am. No I’m not.

@PinkishClaud: Can anyone tell Favre that the older you get the easier it is to break your bones? (maybe he forgot..you know..altzheimer and stuff!!)

@dstieber: November 1st...Brett Favre will know what it feels like to have an entire state hate him

@sportspickle: Reports: Brett Favre Considering a Return to His Wife's Vagina: (Duey Note: This, of course, would have been funnier to say his MOTHER’S vajayjay…)

@rachelmello: Okay football fans ... anyone else annoyed with Brett Favre ... go to your retirement community in Florida already and leave us alone!!!

@sportsguy33: New nickname for Brett Favre: "VD." We can't get rid of him.

@stevez33: Fact: Brett favre has now retired twice in 11 months and has not missed a single game lol

@tshirthell: Brett Favre is now a Viking. Well, he's not actually a Viking, but there's no team whose mascot is a giant douche.

@areofilm: Now I know why Brett Favre throws so many interceptions. The man has lost all sense of what to do. Good luck with that Vikings.

@omarg: Brett Favre lunch: Order sandwich. Send back sandwich. Order again. 2 bites. Send sandwich back. Leave. Return. Order sandwich

@Lizzs_lockeroom: Favre is meeting Prince tonight to purify himself in Lake Minnetonka

@wingoz: Brett favre changes his mind..again. In similar news...the sun rose in the east..and humans need oxygen to breathe

@passepartout: Oh, happy day! MORE Brett Favre stories will smother the local media again. What ninnies newspeople are. C'mon. Enough!

@thenflchick: Dear Brett Favre, thank you for un retiring. I can practice in peace. Signed, Michael Vick

@bpabich: Never thought I'd be so looking forward to seeing Brett Favre sacked. Repeatedly. Seriously - what a petulant child.

It's gonna be an interesting season in the NFC Norris!!

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