28 August 2009

Unfortunate Lame-osity

Once again I'm fascinated by someone who is driving in front of me on the way to work.

In Illinois, you can get a special plate by being an organ donor and because he worked until he died speaking about organ donation, the plates are in honor of Walter Payton, Hall of Fame Chicago Bear running back.  They look like this:

So I'm driving behind this guy thinking how nice it is that he's an organ donor but I'm just mystified by the personalization of his plate.

It reads RX 8.

For about three minutes I'm sitting there thinking, "Why the hell would a guy get plates and salute Rex Grossman"?  Rex wore #8 and thankfully is now with the Houston Texans.

Who in their right mind goes the distance and gets a plate with a hat tip to Sexy Rexie?  Probably the same guy who bought a Cubs Garciaparra shirt (and that's a lot of idiots)

I just want to find a way to pull up next to this guy and ask him what the hell he was thinking and then as I get closer to his car, it hits me like a brick being dropped from an overpass.  The dude is driving a Mazda RX-8!

Maybe I'm the only guy in the world who would make this mistake, but with Rex still fresh in all of our minds (quickly disappearing the more we see of Cutler), I bet I'm not the only Bear fan who has seen this and done the same thing.

So is this guy a victim of unfortunate lame-osity?  (go ahead, I know you all want to say that I AM!)

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