07 August 2007

Baby Boy Lo Update

We had another appointment at the Doctor this morning.

For the first time we could hear the heartbeat of "Baby Boy Lo" through the handheld device, so that was pretty exciting. We've been having problems hearing the heartbeat over Mary Kay's each time which caused the Doctor to bring us into the Ultrasound room to double check.

Unfortunately a few of the shooting pains and leg cramps that Mary Kay has been having was chalked up to "that's normal" by the doc. I'm sure that hasn't made her happy. She also has to do the three-hour Glucose test AGAIN. That was a ruckus last time as she got there and they refused to start the test since the Doctor forgot to sign the prescription slip.

Otherwise, all things are great and going fine. Her blood pressure is normal, all signs are normal at this moment. Keep the fingers crossed that things continue down this road.

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