28 August 2007

A week in review

Well, life has been a bit hectic in the LoCicero household over the last week. As most of you are aware we had those 100-year types of rains (several days of it) and so beyond the craziness of the weather and in spite of the fact that we are in an area that DIDN'T lose power, our refrigerator crapped out and on Friday last week, we had to find a way to preserve a healthy amount of groceries.

I've learned a lot about dry ice since then. In fact 100 pounds of it has kept our stuff frozen solid in two of our large coolers that we use when we go to the Indy/F1 races. It's amazing stuff at -110° F. For most groceries this is perfectly good. We've found out that for ice cream bars, it actually makes them TOO icy, so when eating them, you get a few ice crystals in your mouth which definitely changes the texture of the item.

Okay, baby update: We had another ultrasound today (we are getting them monthly due to MK's high blood pressure, history of diabetes in the family and of course, her age) and our bouncing baby boy is up to 2.1 lbs now. We're just over 3 months away from his arrival into our lives and it's starting to get to be real fun (for me at least). MK's frequent bouts of fatigue, the pressure of the baby on her bladder and his hyper-activity in the womb (he's a kicker already) has her feeling like a war is going on inside of her.

We took delivery of the crib, dresser and armoire last week and the room is starting to take shape. We still have a few outstanding items but so far, all things are showing up when they should. MK has had two fantastic shopping trips to find clothes for our son and she's been loading up the closet. We also spent this evening talking about names for the baby. As previously mentioned we're not going to divulge any names and that's probably going to be the most fun once we decide. We're getting close, but know that we don't have to pull the trigger on that just yet, we just need to have it for the birth certificate and social security number registration.

So tomorrow we finally get our fridge fixed (6 days seems like forever) and hopefully we can get stuff out of the coolers. I hope so since the dry ice lasts about 2.5 days and tomorrow will be the start of day 2.

That's about it for us at this point. I realize that I've gone a week without an update, so I'll get much better as we get closer to December. Also, a LOT has happened that I have opinions on that I've neglected to share.

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