19 August 2007

It's a marathon, not a... yeah yeah, we know

AFC Wimbledon 2, Ramsgate 0. First win of the season under our belts but an early test midweek with a trip to Wealdstone who also won today. Form looked good today but we scored both goals with even sides, but when Ramsgate had a player sent off thanks to his vicious tackle, we couldn't/didn't score.

So, first match under the helm of Terry Brown and all is well.

On an American sport front, the Cubs are back in first place in the NL Central again. Let's see if we can stay here for awhile. I'm still deathly concerned about our bullpen. I honestly don't know what has gone through team management's minds since 2003, but it seems they keep putting effort and money against the offense and although the players have done well, we just continue to have these issues with closing out games efficiently. Starting pitching will go 6-7 innings and then mid-relief and closing makes it "interesting" to say the least.

2008 will bring new management of The Chicago Cubs. With the Tribune selling everything they own lock, stock and two barrels it's an open market. My desire is to have Mark Cuban be the new owner, but somehow I don't see the crotchety old farts who are the other owners in Major League Baseball approving of him, so they'll find someway to screw him out of ownership.

I'd love it if we could do what the Green Bay Packers did in Football. I'd be willing to pony up a couple thousand to purchase a share of the Cubs so that a) they could never be moved and b) a single owner couldn't just buy them and bleed them dry.

Sports, it's the bane of my existence.

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