03 August 2008

180 degrees of separation anxiety

When is retirement not retirement? When you're stupid Brett Favre.

For two consecutive seasons he played with the media on whether or not he was retiring. First leading up to the New Year's Eve game and win over Chicago in 2006 and now, after officially retiring to the league in 2007.

So this...
DOESN'T mean that "I'm done", nor this...

nor this...So the league has accepted his request to be reactivated and the @#$%^ Packers have publicly said that it's an "open competition" for the starting QB job. Oh yeah? So after all of management and the coaching staff said that Aaron Rogers was their starting QB, they are all taking it back because of a man who can't walk away as the legend he became?

If I'm Aaron Rogers, I tell the Packers to take their open competitions and shove it right where it counts.

What's next? Jay Leno tells NBC on May 29th next year that he doesn't want to go and then Conan O'Brien has to just wait? I don't think so.

I will just publicly go on record now that when I officially retire, trust me, I'm not going to turn back. I won't have any "burning desire" to get back to the daily grind and I definitely won't have any regrets. I just wish Brett could have done the same. Dude, you're a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame and you're just making it a mess now.

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