22 August 2008

Da' Bears & Da' Cubs

Watching the Bears game tonight was like playing BINGO. Just when you were one number away, some old biddy yelled out and won pissing you off. 37-30 loss to SF which doesn't really have me feeling good.

Orton looked pretty good and the offense was gellin like a felon. Rashied Davis looked really good catching some long passes, Forte looked good running smart up the middle, and Olsen really has the makings of a great TE (although he'll need to share that with Des Clark for awhile). Sexy-Rexy still sucks the big egg. Danieal Manning looks almost like Hester Jr. with his kick returns. But what the hell happened to the Defense tonight? What a sieve!

Unfortunately my favorite whipping boy continues to be Charles "Peanut" Tillman. He continues to underwhelm and totally miss coverage on just about everyone. On SF's first touchdown pass, he blew the contain on the outside with his blitz and then dove at O'Sullivan. The minute he left his feet, O'Sullivan stepped up and then launched a huge pass into the end zone. Later he played incredibly soft at the end of the half giving 12 yard cushions and then slipping on the grass (how does this guy NOT have the right spikes on his shoes??). He slipped at least five times that I saw.

Peanut has, at least for the last 4 years, blown coverages and made stupid mistakes more than most anyone on the defense. How they keep hanging on to him is a mystery. Maybe he has dirty pictures on someone, or maybe he has copies of the nasty text messages Urlacher sent to his baby's momma?

On the positive side in Chicago tonight. Cubs win another series (losing a heartbreaker yesterday) over the Reds and Dusty (we don't trusty). Zambrano hits another homer in his own support, but the man who really has been surprising everyone as of late is Mark "two sport athlete" DeRosa. If you didn't know DeRosa was the QB at Penn when he went to school there but then chose to play baseball (sort of like Samardzija. There's an interview DeRo did with Samardzija on his blog....click the link in the right column for DeRo's blog). He's on a tear and when a guy who's in the 7th or 8th position in the order is on this sort of tear, well, you are going to be winning a lot of games if the top of the order just is average.

MK and I are going on Saturday (Dempster going for his 15th win) and the Nationals are in town. They are horrible, but those are the kinds of clubs that come in and bite you in the backside if you're not careful.

Cubs are 5.5 up on Milwaukee and we're almost in September. It's gonna be a good battle but one that the Cubs should handle without a problem.

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