04 August 2008

Fun in the sun with my son

We took a long weekend and went to South Haven, Michigan. What a great, nice, peaceful little trip. Two hours from our door and we're on Lake Michigan and enjoying some fun and relaxation.

We checked in to the hotel and had a little time so Aidan and I just played on the bed for awhile. He's really crawling a lot now so it's a trick to keep our eyes on him. Here's a shot of us having a laugh.

We enjoyed a nice Friday meeting up with Mary Kay's friend Linda and had dinner at Clementine's which was fantastic. If you ever go, you MUST have the 12" pile of onion rings. They are very tasty and somewhat addictive.

On Saturday we headed over to the house that Mary Kay's college friend Kay and her family rent for a couple weeks in the summer. It was Aidan's first time in a pool (he's been in a small lake before) and after a few minutes of stress and fear, he ended up having a good time with his Daddy.

We then headed down to the beach and had a lot of fun. Here's a shot of Aidan passed out after all the fresh air and water.

After the long day at the pool and beach we headed over to Sherman's Dairy Bar and had some unbelieveable ice cream.

We had a great weekend and Aidan travelled very well in the car. He slept the whole way home after the long weekend.

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