20 September 2008

NL Central Division Champs (again)

For the 2nd year in a row, the Chicago Cubs are the NL Central Division Champions.
  • sucks that the tv broadcast had to be on Fox today cuz I was really jonesing hearing some homer announcers on the day we clinched.
  • It was a classic win in that we got relatively far ahead and then almost blew the lead only to close it out hard (Marmol/Wood take 'em down pretty quickly)
  • Fabulous that it was against the stupid Cardinals.
  • Better yet that Milwaukee lost last night and today further putting them in the hole for the Wild Card.
Although I wasn't aware of it, I wasn't surprised that this was the first time we'd gone to the playoffs back to back in 100 years. Seems like there's plenty we haven't done in 100 years.

So now the true Magic Number goes to 11 (that's one more than 10). 11 post season wins = World Series Champions.

MK and I are going tomorrow to what will likely be a full workout for the entire bench, but that won't matter. It's Fan Appreciation Day and frankly, they can skip all the half-inning drawings and just give me a World Series.

So the 6-digit number stays at AC006299 for now. It's like waiting for the odometer to turn over in a '82 Toyota Corolla.

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