16 September 2008

Yet another sign the apocalypse is upon us...

Following on from my post about being an old fart on the Social Networks, comes this sad report from the world of the Interwebs.

Wha wha what??!!! C'mon, even in 1989 when I was on CompuServe and Prodigy and AOL with my 9" black & white MacPlus square little screen I could get porn. How could this happen?

Maybe it's the newest generation and how they're a bit freer with sex. Or is it considered sex? Could it be that today's youth are just getting more action than us crazy kids in the 80's and 90's were getting?

Let's face it, most kids I see today are permanently welded to their mobile devices texting the fingerprints off their hands, so clearly they aren't online surfing porn. FlashMobs, Facebook events, Evites... could it be that the tools that exist on the Internet are actually getting people to interact more and WITH their clothes on?

Wii, Xbox, PSP's supposedly have kids more "active" and then add in that everyone has a mobile device of some kind and I guess it's not surprised that some of the funky folks who produce porn are starting to lose their zip and attraction. Frankly is there no one that could replace Ginger Lynn, Jenna Jameson, Tara Patrick, Carmen Luvana and Katie Morgan?

Has everything been "done" in porn that there's nothing left to surprise us with? Porn clearly has taken a lead in pushing the leading edge technologies so that they could distribute their products as widely as possible. We honestly can thank porn for VHS, DVD's and HD technology. They pushed the preferred formats (over Beta and others) but is it over, or has it just taken a Roman Holiday?

It's nice to see that people are really just talking to each other again, even if it's hiding behind an electronic curtain. I do fear that the next 10 years will just create more barriers between actual human interaction by allowing us all these ways to cyber-touch each other. But what do I know?


  1. Brian, if you are wondering if social networks are akin to sex, look at some of the pics people post...

  2. I suggest investing in NOOF. Porn pays baby. You just need to not tell your wife what they do when it shows up in your stock portfolio.