21 September 2008

A Whole Lotta Rosie

I couldn't be more excited. No, this isn't another post about the Cubs (did I mention they've won the NL Central again?), but it's a post about one of the hardest rockin' bands come from down under (no NOT Men At Work Be Good Johnny), but AC/DC.

September 11th, they announced their first North American tour in over 7 years, but didn't release the schedule until about a week ago. Chicago is the 2nd stop on the US leg of the tour (10 days after the release of the new album Black Ice) and as I had promised myself when I missed them back in '01, I was going come hells bells or highwater and no matter the cost.

I quickly joined the AC/DC fanclub (so I could snag some pre-sale special section tix) for $40 (bah) and yesterday, at 10:00am CDT, I got my aisle tickets just to stage left about 5 rows up from the floor.

I may be 42, but on October 30th, 2008, I return to the sweet tender age of 16 and get ready to rock hard. The debate between now and then are do I bring ear plugs like the old fart I am (and protect my hearing so that on my child's first Halloween, I can hear him) or do I just gut it out and let Angus be my lord and savior?

Here's the thing I truly DO love about the boys. Rolling Stones come through and it's $300 a ticket (no matter where you sit), Eagles, $250-300, U2, $150, AC/DC.....$89.50. Still not affordable given that we used to pay like $35 for good seats for these kinds of shows, but at least they keep their highest ticket price in the 2-digit zone!!!

My only complaint is that it's at the Allstate Metal Tinbox where sound goes to die for any good concert. Shitty parking, shitty acoustics but it's not like I have enough scratch to offer them somewhere else to play. They could have easily filled the United Center or, even at that time of year, Toyota Park or whatever they're calling the place in Tinley Park these days.

All of this, although something that pisses me off, will never take away from 2 hours of ear-splitting hard core screeching rock and f'in roll. I really just can't wait for this. I'm sure I'll give a full review when I get home that night. Stay tuned...

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