03 January 2013

A Hearty Welcome...not!!

I just want to say welcome to the 113th Congress.

My expectations for you are lower than whale sh*t on the bottom of the deep blue sea, so you don't have to do MUCH to jump over that bar.  Remember, I'm sure whatever decisions you make, it's all about how you position yourselves for the mid-term elections and NOT how it helps the rest of us working stiffs.

Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.

There is ONE exception and that is Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) who returns today after suffering a devastating stroke that impacted his speech and motor skills.  After a year's worth of therapy and the spirit of a true American Military Veteran, he will climb the 46 stairs into the Capitol building on his own today.

One man who frequently works across the aisle for the people of Illinois and the country.  The rest of you lot should learn from him.

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