29 January 2013

Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads

OKAY, so this 'make up' Old Music Monday submission is actually a movie and album all in one kinda making this a Two-Fer-Tuesday (ha!).
I think, although I'm surely wrong, that this was the FIRST album (actually cassette, thank you) I bought upon my arrival at Marquette University in the Fall of 1984.

From top to bottom, I could sing the words to almost every song from the opening Psycho Killer to Burning Down the House, Once in a Lifetime (with many seizure-inducing actions straight out of the film) and finally, Take Me To The River.
Just classic songs to be hearing at the age of 18.  But what really happened with me here was that my music tastes were now being stretched.  Okay, it wasn't the FIRST time they were, but from this point on, I opened up to a lot more than Classic Rock & Roll, Metal, Hard Rock and AOR with a smidgen of Pop.

Not sure if we called this 'Alternative' back then, it was more New Wave.  Whatever, it got me listening to a hell of a lot more than I used to be.  Part performance art, part musical genius.  David Byrne really is something to behold.  Plus there was a Milwaukee link in that Jerry Harrison from the group was born and raised in the Brew City.

I never saw the movie until we decided to have a "Stop Making Sense" video/dance party at our Fraternity House maybe a year later, but that really didn't matter to me, I loved the sound, concept and performance.  I DO remember having to run over to some East Side shitty video store to get a VHS copy of the movie so we could play it on my stereo VHS player that I had bought the summer before.
"You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile.  You may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife.  You may ask yourself, WELL, how did I get here?"

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