07 January 2013

Everyday - Buddy Holly

Well, the first song to share is older than _I_ am.
Everyday from Buddy Holly and the Crickets

Totally stripped down in its original format.  As I got older, I realized that I was always drawn to very unique or different sounds in music.  Things like unique instruments or unique vocal arrangements will always capture my attention. 

Although it isn't the first song I can remember hearing, it's significant because it was a song I really loved on the very first Cassette Tape I ever bought with my own money.  Honestly, about five times through listening through it and I had the words down and would sing along.

For some reason buying my first cassette tape sticks out in my head because I bought it through a fund-raiser that my grade school, Fairview Elementary (now closed), was having.  I was in 5th Grade, Miss June Coradetti's class and it was Spring of 1977.

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