08 January 2013

Stop doing me favors!!

Oh boy.

I've always known that Alex Jones was a conspiracy lunatic and frankly a bit unstable.  When you see boogie men behind every shadow, you may have a form of mental illness.

But then he goes on Piers Morgan to talk about a) his petition to have Piers deported and b) gun rights.

When you can make Piers Morgan look like a rational, logical, non-biased pinnacle of the press, you are NOT doing your side of the argument any favors.

Alex Jones together with the nuttiest of the nutty in the NRA do more harm with the more they say than any moderate gun owner in the United States can do in any normal debate.

Shut your overfed pie-hole you bloated asshole.

To quote comedian Jim Norton, that sweet little boy from the Opie & Anthony Show (SiriusXM 105) "for a guy who is so afraid of the government and who thinks the government is murdering our own people he sure holds a lot of faith in the FBI statistics that he wants to use to make his case".

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