04 November 2007

43 and done

When is a tradition, not a tradition? When Charlie Weis and the Notre Dame faithful decide it's not.

Four horsemen, Play like a Champion, Touchdown Jesus, all things that have been around for more than say, 20 years. Notre Dame traditions, right? But now, a 43 year win streak over Navy isn't a tradition, it's not a streak, it's irrelevant to the players and Charlie.

You cannot have it both ways no matter how you spin it. You lost after 43 years of beating Navy and now you're 1-8. You are tired of taking the heat for a crappy season and your one word, Brian Urlacher style answers are truly just disgusting for a man who makes so much money coaching a TRADITION!

Grow up Charlie, I thought you to be a much better man that this. No matter how you try to make this go away, the Notre Dame alumni and wannabes know and will remember forever this horrible season where you lost to Navy!

I wouldn't be surprised if the Athletic Department tries to find a way to drop Navy from the schedule after this. (okay, ND faithful, lighten up and take the joke!)

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