29 November 2007

BabyLo Update

As we get closer to "the day" it's been tougher to keep up with blogging. I'm sure once he's born, it'll still be as tough, however, I'll have plenty more drivel to write about.

So we're in the 38th week and as of the Doctor's appointment this week, we know that if BabyLo doesn't arrive by Monday, December 3rd, than he's being bounced from the "Womb" night club on December 4th.

We did finally decide on a name this past Saturday. Actually, Mary Kay and I were in a baby-type store and she picked up 5 letters that spelled out his name. These would be those wood letters one would hang on the wall of a child's room. She asked me "How about these"? and I reacted funny because it spelled out the name that I had chosen.

I'm floored really. I'm so excited that I'm ready to burst at the seams. (and big seams they are). I really can't wait until he arrives. My life will be consumed with making sure he has everything he needs and that he has a great life.

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