13 November 2007

If you hit me over the head, I have a right to fight back

Okay. I work in the "advertising" business, albeit the Market Research part of it, but part of our company's work is pre-testing commercials before they go on air. The primary action points of that process are to give the client feedback on how well the commercial was branded, whether it was even memorable and if the intended main message can cut through the clutter of all the other stuff people watch.

So, I do believe I can speak to this matter effectively.

Dear Citibank,

Since you've decided to run 200,000,000 GRP's worth of your latest campaign and I see it every time I turn on the t.v., I feel it only fair for me to now pick apart the commercial. If a man and his son take a trip to Norway, enjoy the sights, eat funky food, and buy sweaters, how is it that if they go to the "hall of records" they can find out they are actually Swedish? The last time I checked, the "hall of records" should just tell them if they are either Norwegian or not. Is there some funky cool cross-reference library in the Scandinavian world that lets you find out your full heritage from within one specific country?

A Market Researcher.

So what have we learned here? a) Their commercial is sufficiently branded, however, I'm not sure if it truly is, or, if the simple fact of it running 2000 times a day just hits me over the head so much, I can't forget it. b) If you do hit me over the head so much, I reserve my right to pick your :30 apart second by painful second.

I love my job ;-) !!!!!

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