13 November 2007

"Customer Service" sucks in this country

In yet ANOTHER case of where I've experienced poor customer service, we have this:

On November 2nd, I ordered the proper mounting bracket for the new 47" Television that I bought for our new basement. My credit card was charged promptly which included $14.60 shipping (UPS Ground) and $5.00 handling by CENTRAWORLD.com who operates on behalf of Westinghouse Digital.

Recently I've noticed that from MOST vendors now, you usually get a confirmation email that has the shipping tracking number (FedEx/UPS/DHL) so that you can track where your product is. I received the confirmation email but never got the tracking number. On November 9th, I called Westinghouse/CENTRAWORLD and enquired as to the status. I was told by Carlos that my ordered was filled on the day that I placed it, but that there wasn't a tracking number in the system, which he stated was "odd". He promised me that he'd call me back later that day with the tracking number since the shipping manager was out at lunch.

No call arrived. I tried calling on Monday, November 12th, but just missed their normal business hours (darn), so I've called back today. A young gentleman gave me the number and when I went to the UPS website, I found out that my purchase hadn't even been shipped until Friday night, the 9th! (same day I called to enquire). Very intersting.

So I've called back and spoke to Ronae who is the manager. Unfortunately because it's now in transit there's not much she can do and they aren't allowed to refund shipping costs and she didn't know who I could ask about that.

Customer Service is the new "fast food" spot for everyone who dropped out of high school. I actually get better service at "fast food" restaurants now than ever before and definitely better than any place I've ordered things from on the Internet or in person.

No wonder why everyone wants to offshore this stuff to India. We are a lazy f'in country, America! Tough crap to you if you expect anything on time and correct. bleccccchhhhhhh.

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