29 January 2009

A convergence of yesterday's post and today's mail

So yesterday, I wanted to know who DOESN'T have cable/satellite, etc.

Today, I got something in the mail which demonstrates further reasons on why businesses are failing in 2009. Unfortunately I think this organization is targeting the same people I mentioned in yesterday's post.

So that I don't bash the organization by name, I will call them Charity A.
  • Charity A sent a request for money via US Mail. They included a nickel which had an arrow pointing to it that said "This nickel can make a real difference in the search for a cure." REALLY? Than you should have kept it, shouldn't have you???
  • Charity A also sent about 50 mailing labels that had my name and address on them. Haven't they heard the news? The US Postal Service is hemorrhaging money left and right and are playing with the idea of only going to a 5-day delivery schedule. You've sent me something that's NOT RELEVANT in my day-to-day life anymore and frankly, something that's not relevant to a LOT of people. I rarely send out mail anymore and in fact, the biggest amount of mail we send is Christmas Cards and we use special labels for those.
  • HOWEVER, kudos to you, Charity A, as although it took me awhile to get to it in the mass of paper you sent, you now have an e-newsletter and website!!! Hooray!! You actually are starting to get the whole "Internets" thing, eh?
I have volunteered for non-profits to help raise money in the past so trust me, I DO know that it's a bitch of a thing to be asking for donations in this crappy economy. I understand how you are fighting tooth and nail for a share of the little pie that's left out there. But as I tighten my belt for our 2009 spending, I need to make sure the charities we donate to are relevant, are progressively thinking about what the next 5-10 years is going to bring, and have a very high donation/management cost ratio.

Boo on the direct marketer that convinced Charity A that sending a nickel and address labels will resonate with potential donors. I realize there's not many tricks left in your DM bag, but if the USPS goes down to 5 days, it likely is going to finally force you to rethink how you reach people.

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