05 January 2009

He's walkin', everyday, he's walkin'...

In the last 10 days, Mr. Aidan has found his wheels and is now freely walking around the house. It started out as just 2 feet and a leap (or fall) and has finally reached to the points of 10-12 foot romps across the floor.

It truly is amazing to see this happen, not that we didn't think he would, just the simple accomplishment that he CAN. He laughs and giggles the whole way as usually he's rumbling towards someone or something he wants desperately.

Of course, most of this has happened just at home with MK and I and maybe Papa and Nana around. So imagine my glee this morning as I drop him off at daycare and leaned him up against the changing station and then walked 6 feet away and held my arms open. He just ran laughing the whole way at the cheering of one of the teacher's aides. Unfortunately his real teachers are out today and so they have to wait until tomorrow to enjoy the newest development benchmark (gettin' all daycare speak, I am).

Now it's going to almost be a contest to see how far he can go before falling down. Of course, we need to keep making sure we have a clear path for him. The smallest of toys will trip him up even just visually so clear the runway and let him go.

I do have some video of this, just be patient until I can post, but this obviously opens up an entire new world for him. Of course one which has the disappointment of being a Cubs fan for the rest of his life ;-p

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