11 January 2009

Wow, it's been 25 years!!

Happy New Year (DK if I said that to anyone yet).

2009 brings many new and fun things, but also will bring some old things. This will be my 25th High School Reunion year. Thanks to my introduction and now, massive use of Facebook, this should be a bit more fun than I had thought. Additionally my High School has an alumni website and a very scaled back sort of "social network" which should also help.

We did have a 20th, but I could only attend the night before event at a bar in downtown Naperville. That night was fun. We caught up with old friends, but the thing that struck me as well, funny, was how quickly everyone got back into their old cliques. Whether it was who you normally hung out with, or if you played sports, or even what grade schools you went to, you just were more comfortable hanging back with the people you hung with most. I can't imagine the 25th will be any different although these "significant" ones tend to get bigger turnouts so who knows.

That night, I remember telling a few of my friends that I was in the process of buying an engagement ring for my now wife and at some point, I wished the night didn't have to end, but alas, there just came a point to go home.

But five years on, and life is well, life. I'll be looking for the invite and hope we have a large attendance. To those of you who will read this on Facebook, I look forward to seeing you in person again.

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