30 January 2009

The NE corner of Addison & Sheffield

I'm gutted really. Readers of this blog know I share Cubs season tickets and for my whole life I've spent more than my share of wasted days and nights in Wrigleyville.

But, as I don't live in the neighborhood, I only end up there between April and October (hopefully) so it's with great dismay that I found out that on December 24th, the day before Christmas, they took the wrecking ball to The Sports Corner.

When it comes to having to pay $4.00 for a can of Miller, well, I'd most want to spend it at The Sports Corner than anywhere else in Wrigley. Bartenders were always friendly, beer tub girls too. It was always jammed before, during and after games but they had a nice outdoor holding pen (beer garden) and you could always just use the walk-up window to get some dogs if you didn't want to go inside. I've met too many of my friends there (at least to start out the day) and have had more than my fair share of laughs, and so this does leave a temporary hole in my heart.

But as the Cubs continue to gobble up land and move forward with some expansion and continued improvements, I guess they feel the need to truly force out the smaller businesses that surround the shrine known as Wrigley. I really wish they wouldn't as it's what makes it special, but I do understand. Clearly the owners got an offer they couldn't refuse and moved on. I understand that too.

No idea what is going to replace it at the moment, but R.I.P. SC!! Thanks to "I Hate Clark Street" for the pic below. It's not like there's not plenty of other locations to go to this upcoming season, but SC was just a place that was comfortable.

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