25 February 2009

Fan comes from Fanatic

Probably once or twice a week while driving East on I-88, I find myself behind/next to a Hyundai Sonata, license plates CLAYM 8.

On the commute you see tons of vanity plates and usually, as long as eyes are on the road and hands at 10 & 2, you play the game of trying to figure out what they mean.

This one wasn't tough as there was a license plate holder around them that says "I'd Rather Be at a Clay Aiken concert". yeeeeeeesh. What is classic about this is that once I pulled up next to the car, it was a woman roughly in her late 40's/early 50's who had red hair in a Pete Rose hair cut.
So I started thinking on whether or not I ever adopted a look that honored someone I admired or looked up to or even idolized. I did!!! Sorry faithful readers, I do not immediately have a picture of it, but I know they exist, I just have to keep digging through the thousands of pictures but while in college I was a huge John Mellencamp fan (still am and still am a member of the fan club!!).

John had American Fool as an early 80's hit album and Uh-Huh hit it big in 1983 and his look stayed consistent with the Scarecrow album in '85. My Midwestern-born, cornfield-loving self embraced his cause and his music without fail.

John's look at the time was black penny-loafers, white sox, faded blue jeans with cuffs folded up (not sewn), black belt with silver buckle and usually a t-shirt under a jean jacket or black leather jacket. Yep, that was me in 1985.

I'll eventually find a picture but here's a screencap from Pink Houses that'll give you some sort of idea. Just find ANY Mellencamp video from Uh-Huh or Scarecrow and you'll see.

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