12 February 2009

High School Reunions

Although no date, time or location have been set yet, this year is my 25th High School Reunion year for Benet Academy which I mentioned in a previous post.

Although our school launched their own "alumni social network" website a few years ago, it only has some basic functionality and so although a lot of people signed up, not many are using it because it doesn't have the broader appeal of a MySpace or Facebook.

Over the last few weeks I've actually touched base with a few folks via Facebook. It's sort of odd because what Facebook has done (and started out doing for kids who were IN college originally) is truly call you on the carpet for all the "We'll keep in touch, no, REALLY, we WILL" comments you've ever made in your life as you walk out of graduation.

For some people, we pick up like we were just standing in the hallways by the lockers, except we're all 42 or 43ish. For others, it's probably surreal to see and hear from people you may truly have forgotten about or just haven't thought about in 25 years. I wonder how the various cliques or groups that hung together would develop via a Facebook sort of utility?

I've noticed that there's a few "groups" based on class years and there's also a few "I played football at Benet Academy" sort of groups which capture a wider audience than just your class at times. So as we get closer to the end of the school year we should see some notes/mail that has info on our reunion.

I went to the 5-year one, but that was pretty much like a Fraternity party and then, although I didn't go to the 20th, I was able to be in town for the night before party in downtown Naperville. That was a ton of fun and I remember it because I was in the process of buying the engagement ring I gave my wife.

Looking forward to this year. Here's a picture of me in my football glory days.

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