06 February 2009

Through the eyes of a child??

I received one of the most interesting emails from my Dad yesterday.

To set it up: My folks received a $20 Starbucks gift card from one of their friends. My parents have pretty much NEVER drank coffee in their lives. The don't drink soda/pop either. They stick to tea and water mostly. My parents are also not big followers of trends or what's popular. They aren't shut-ins (most of you who've met them know that), but they live moderately and are very happy with what they have and do on a daily basis.

So they finally decided to go use the gift certificate. They had NEVER been in a Starbucks in their lives. Here's what my Dad sent me.
I guess when (America) is hooked on something it's difficult to break away even in this economy. After mom's blood test this A.M. we stopped at Starbucks and used part of the gift card we got. Mom & I each got a hot chocolate Grande, she got a piece of pound cake and I got a Blueberry muffin all for the mere price of $10.00. The line was constant with at least 4 people at all times. I guess we just live in another world. The best part is we still have $10.00 on the card and we can do it again.
His observations are almost child-like, but very in tune with what's going on in the world as they bring 65 years of experience to what he's seeing. It's sort of been how he observes the Internet as well. He's had a computer for 10 years now (almost 11 and had never even used one before) and probably every 2-3 months he finds something new on the Internet, and its almost like a kid on Christmas morning.

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